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Star Trek Review


In Brief:  It’s lived long, and now it finally prospers. In Detail:  It’s been a very, very long time since I’ve watched the popular folk around me gasping as photon torpedoes smash into something. Even longer since I’ve heard the […]

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Doctor Who: Easter Special 2009: Planet of the Dead


image In brief: Fun!


One down.

Three more to go.

Let’s get serious people!

To elaborate – this is it folks. Strap yourselves in for this adventure because it’s fun, tongue in cheek and a fast, furious ride. If you’ve read any interviews you’ll know that this is probably what RTD might call his last chance for a ‘light hearted’ romp in the Whoniverse. If you can call strangers on a London bus being dragged halfway across the universe by a wormhole and then being hunted down by an alien swarm ‘light hearted’.

But this episode doesn’t really dwell on the scary moments for longer than, well, a few moments. It’s about crashing through…

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Stargate Atlantis: Season Five: Ghost in the Machine


normal_505_ghostinthemachine_05In brief:

Decent, yet confusing.

In detail:

The absence of Tori Higginson (Elizabeth Weir) certainly screwed over the Replicator story line they had set up for her.  “Ghost in the Machine” is a valiant attempt to continue that story without her.  And, for the most part, it does a good job.

Michelle Morgan, who plays the consciousness of Weir in Fran’s body, does a reasonably good job of imitating the mannerisms and vocal expressions that Higginson brought to Weir’s character.  Her performance is strong, and in the quieter scenes with Teyla/Sheppard/Fran I found myself truly believing this was still Weir.  That’s an achievement of performance on Morgan’s part.

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