Times Unimpressed by Indiana Jones 4


indy4cratesposter2Spoilers are contained herein.

Today’s edition of the times features a somewhat negative review of Indiana Jones 4, giving the new Harrison Ford movie a mere 2 stars out of 5.

According to their reviewer, Kevin Maher,

It’s not very good. In fact, it’s the worst in the series. It is a tribute movie to everything that’s gone before, but one that’s devoid of a life and a mission of its own.

Secondly, the film has no resonance.

The movie tries to compensate with character, but everyone is cartoon thin.

General response to the movie has been reasonably high, currently sitting at 80% approval at Rotten Tomatoes.com

Maher does admit however that the film is not entirely without merit.  Warning, the following quote contains spoilers.

Finally, there are hints of greatness. Indy sinking into Amazonian quicksand while explaining to Mutt the difference between wet and dry quicksand is one. Indy, now a retired war hero, being persecuted by McCarthyite witch-hunters is another (it’s dropped after the first act). The opening warehouse chase scene, a genuine taste of inventive old-school Spielberg, suggests a bravura action adventure movie to come. Sadly, we can but dream. And wait for the inevitable Indy 5.

You can read the entire review over at the Times website.

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