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Why is there no pure Science-Fiction on television anymore?


image It’s a question many people have been pondering for quite a few years.  Gone are the hey-days of Star Trek: The Next Generation and the subsequent Nineties sci-fi boom.  The arrival of multiple Star Trek spinoffs, Gene Roddenberry’s Andromeda, Stargate SG-1 and a plethora of dozens of other sci-fi shows seemed to herald the dawn of a new Golden Age of a more pure science-fiction.

Yet today, we’re left with a fraction of the science-fiction which used to grace our television screens.  Battlestar Galactica and Stargate Atlantis have both just finished, and other shows such as Firefly or Threshold were shot down before they really got going.

So why have these shows fallen into decline?  Twenty years ago, Star Trek was a guaranteed ratings winner, drawing in millions of viewers and a massive market share.  As the latest television incarnation of the franchise – Star Trek: Enterprise – came to an end, it was left with a fraction of the viewing numbers its predecessors had enjoyed.  Enterprise‘s decline has been written about in more than enough detail, and its death can be attributed to any number of factors: lack of advertisement, lacklustre plots or perhaps simply too many episodes of the same franchise without a break. 

Yet Enterprise is reflective of a much wider problem for the genre.  The few genre shows which have succeeded in recent years have attempted to blend their traditional sci-fi elements with elements of other genres.

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Featured Discussion: Is ‘The Dark Knight’ overrated?


This  featured discussion is an experimental idea on Sci-Fi Heaven.  It’s intended to be like a forum thread rather than your traditional blog post.

It’s been a few weeks since The Dark Knight splashed onto our home screens in DVD and Blu-Ray glory, and so hopefully those of you who didn’t see the movie an unhealthy number of times in the cinemas now have had the chance to do so.

Now that the hype has settled, and the dust begins to form on top of what is widely considered to be a modern day masterpiece, there have been one or two voices in the distance crying out to be heard.  They proclaim The Dark Knight to be overrated: a over-hyped piece of cinema that’s simply too dark to be enjoyed.  Some say it’s just not that good.

So what’s it to be?  Is The Dark Knight truly a 21st Century wonder that will sit atop the favourite lists of film critics for decades to come, or is it simply much ado about nothing: a film made famous in no small part by the very tragic passing away of Heath Ledger.  Is that too cynical?


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Nuking the Fridge


It seems that a new alternative to the infamous “Jumping the Shark” expression has been found by UrbanDictionary in “Nuking the Fridge“. Nuke the fridge is a colloquialism used to refer to the moment in a film series that is […]

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Welcome to the new Great British Police State


If reports are to be believed, the Orwellian society is being embraced by the Government of the United Kingdom.   Often the crux of horror stories from imaginative science-fiction writers, a privacy-invading, technologically-advanced police state seems to be on the cards […]

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