Visual Effects – An essential part of Sci-Fi?


Over the years, science fiction shows have produced some of the best (and some of the worst) visual effects seen television and the big screen. With technological advancements, the quality of these effects is increasing rapidly. However, what about those companies who cannot afford the latest effects for their production. Does this automatically mean that there show is not worth watching?

I believe that if people adopt this attitude, they will miss out on some of the best science fiction. There have been many shows recently that have aired with lacklustre visual effects, but I still feel are some magnificent pieces of science fictions. Examples include Earth: Final Conflict and Children of Dune. These shows produce poor effects, but other aspects of the show make up for it. Taking Children of Dune, this show featured some breathtaking sets, some great acting and some of the best music ever composed for a television production.

It’s unfortunate that viewers so often overlook these. Children of Dune remains one of my favourite sci-fi productions of all times. Not because of the effects, not because of the sets, or the acting, or even the music. This show is a great production simply because of the atmosphere it conjures up. The world is believable, enjoyable to watch and extremely immersive. Children of Dune captures this without breathtaking effects.

It goes to show, are visual effects an integral part of science fiction? No, I do not believe so, and I would say to you, that in future, don’t turn off just because the effects are not up to scratch, because you may be missing out on a rare jewel of television. Of course, it could very well be awful. In that case, turn off.

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