Bring Back Kirk?


Star Trek Enterprise is hitting its stride so far in it’s third season with compelling story lines and excellent production values. However, although the quality is steadily rising, the ratings are not improving as well as they should. Some fans believe the producers should do something amazing to bring back viewers and hopefully keep them.

There have been many suggestions on how this should be done. Bring back Guinen and Q perhaps? That’s something that would work in terms of continuity, but would it really be enough. Some of the more imaginative viewers have begun to toy with the idea of bringing back William Shatner as Captain Kirk. Could this be the key? The return of William Shatner is guaranteed to pull in viewers. Fans of the Original Series would be sure to tune in. It is firmly believed by some that this would save the show. Some fans have even got storylines worked out in their heads. “The Nexus could pass through the Expanse!” or “What if Kirk is the Future Guy?”

Others are not so enthusiastic. They feel Enterprise should be able to stand on it’s own and not have to lean on other shows as a crutch. Others do not have faith in the writers to bring back such a beloved character in a way that would do him justice. Others think that no matter how well the episode is written, the most important issue would be the quality of the following episodes. It would be important to keep the quality flowing for weeks in order to keep the viewers. Others simply feel that William Shatner is no longer able to play a character as physical as Kirk.

Bringing back a character like Kirk would be a major gamble. How should it be done? Would one episode be enough in which to tell the story? Should Kirk become a recurring character? I for one cannot see Rick Berman or Brannon Braga bringing back Kirk’s character. To me it would seem obvious that it was something done only for ratings. It would have to be something that could work. I cannot see the return of a character such as Kirk working.

The return of such a character would be something that has never before been seen on a Star Trek series. Will it ever be seen? Only time will tell.

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