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Doctor Who: Easter Special 2009: Planet of the Dead


image In brief: Fun!


One down.

Three more to go.

Let’s get serious people!

To elaborate – this is it folks. Strap yourselves in for this adventure because it’s fun, tongue in cheek and a fast, furious ride. If you’ve read any interviews you’ll know that this is probably what RTD might call his last chance for a ‘light hearted’ romp in the Whoniverse. If you can call strangers on a London bus being dragged halfway across the universe by a wormhole and then being hunted down by an alien swarm ‘light hearted’.

But this episode doesn’t really dwell on the scary moments for longer than, well, a few moments. It’s about crashing through…

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Competition: Star Trek Giveaway!



Now this is epic.  Epic, I tell you.  We’re giving you the chance to win:

  • Star Trek TOS Season One on Blu-Ray
  • Star Trek Movies 1 – 6 on Blu-Ray
  • Star Trek: Alternate Realities Fan Collective on DVD
  • A Star Trek Bottle Opener
  • A Star Trek Bottle Cooler

The whole collection retails at well over £200 ($300), but we’re giving one lucky winner the entire bunch for free.  No strings attached.

Head on over to our Competitions page right now to enter.

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Featured Discussion: Is ‘The Dark Knight’ overrated?


This  featured discussion is an experimental idea on Sci-Fi Heaven.  It’s intended to be like a forum thread rather than your traditional blog post.

It’s been a few weeks since The Dark Knight splashed onto our home screens in DVD and Blu-Ray glory, and so hopefully those of you who didn’t see the movie an unhealthy number of times in the cinemas now have had the chance to do so.

Now that the hype has settled, and the dust begins to form on top of what is widely considered to be a modern day masterpiece, there have been one or two voices in the distance crying out to be heard.  They proclaim The Dark Knight to be overrated: a over-hyped piece of cinema that’s simply too dark to be enjoyed.  Some say it’s just not that good.

So what’s it to be?  Is The Dark Knight truly a 21st Century wonder that will sit atop the favourite lists of film critics for decades to come, or is it simply much ado about nothing: a film made famous in no small part by the very tragic passing away of Heath Ledger.  Is that too cynical?


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Majel Barrett-Roddenberry Passes Away


majel_92nov_chiThe actress and widow of Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry, Majel Barrett-Roddenberry passed away yesterday at home in California. 

Best known as Nurse Chapel and the voice of the computer on Star Trek, Barrett-Roddenberry had been suffering from leukemia which had been diagnosed earlier this year.

She also played Lwaxana Troi on Star Trek The Next Generation.

She had just completed voice recording for Star Trek XI, meaning she had featured in almost every movie and series of the long-running franchise.

She also had recurring roles on Babylon 5 and Earth: Final Conflict.

A firm fan favourite, she will be sorely missed, and our condolences are with the family.

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