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Star Wars Detours Trailer


You’ll either love or hate this… An animated comedy series set in the Star Wars Universe, and featuring most of the movies’ characters from both prequel and sequel generations.  So plenty of Vader, Han, Obi-Wan… and Jar-Jar.  Although Jar-Jar looks […]

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Star Trek, or Star Wars?


It’s time to settle this one, once and for all. Kirk vs Luke?  Khan vs Darth Vader?  Wesley vs Angsty Anakin!? Sure, we could argue over little points, but for now, let’s just ask the all encompassing, simple question.  Which […]

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Star Wars 1313


The Star Wars franchise has seen many video game installments, another installment was announced at E3 this year, called Star Wars 1313. This new installment looks a lot darker and grittier than any other game that I have seen coming […]

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Ten Super Cool Sci-Fi Heroines


Sci-Fi/Fantasy films and television have had their fair share of lackluster ladies.  I recently came across an article that discussed the worst action heroines that have disgraced the small and silver screens.  Kennedy may be the most hated character in […]

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The Geek’s Wedding Guide


I’ve recently started planning my wedding to a fellow sci-fi/fantasy geek, whom I’ve shared the past seven wonderful years with (Happy Anniversary, sweetie!). We certainly intend on making certain elements of the blessed event geek-tastic, but it got me thinking: […]

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