Star Wars: The Clone Wars Trailer Released


Warner Bros have officially released the trailer for Star Wars: The Clone Wars.  I’m almost 100% sure I saw this leaked a few months ago, when I wasn’t really paying much attention, but regardless, it’s out now and it’s official.

If you’re confused about what Star Wars: The Clone Wars is, then please check out the guide we posted when the official poster was released.

Enjoy!  Some great stylistic aspects coming to show here, such as the designs on Jabba and Count Dooku.  Also pleasing to see stars such as Samuel L. Jackson still providing their voices. 

Despite the greatness of the trailer, I’m tired of the Duel of the Fates music… do they have to play it in everything Star Wars related these days?  I’m hoping the movie and TV show will have a new John Williams score.

Update: Nope, it appears that Kevin Kiner will be doing the original score for the movie. Great. What experience does he have? Well, he composed two episodes of Star Trek: Enterprise once… Damn. They could have picked Brian Tyler. And does the name Kevin Kiner remind anyone else of Kevin Kilner, of Earth: Final Conflict fame?

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