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Looper – Here We Go Again


Get your chalk boards ready, it looks like we have another wibbly-wobbly, timey-wimey problem on our hands. Looper is a film due to be released 28th September (IMDB) in which time travel has been invented and the mob send those they want […]

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What next for Sci-Fi?


It’s September 2012.  Over the last twelve years, I’ve lost count of how many sci-fi shows have flopped and been cancelled; how many sci-fi movies have proved to be massive disappointments. Is the future bleak? I don’t think so. Yes, […]

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Why The Decline?


Stargate Universe. Firefly. Angel. Bionic Woman. Invasion. Jericho. Terra Nova. Etc. Etc. Etc. The list is pretty much endless. The last ten years have seen a vast array of science fiction blast onto our screens, and too often fizzle out […]

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Ten Super Cool Sci-Fi Heroines


Sci-Fi/Fantasy films and television have had their fair share of lackluster ladies.  I recently came across an article that discussed the worst action heroines that have disgraced the small and silver screens.  Kennedy may be the most hated character in […]

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The Geek’s Wedding Guide


I’ve recently started planning my wedding to a fellow sci-fi/fantasy geek, whom I’ve shared the past seven wonderful years with (Happy Anniversary, sweetie!). We certainly intend on making certain elements of the blessed event geek-tastic, but it got me thinking: […]

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