Attack of the Sci-Fi Trivia


Got the heads up from the author of a new sci-fi quiz book today, “Attack of the Sci-Fi Trivia”.

According to the press release, science fiction fans of every degree will soon have a new way to test their knowledge with the new release from Ladder Press, Attack of the Sci-Fi Trivia.

A fun filled game book for science fiction lovers, Attack of the Sci-Fi Trivia will challenge huge fans of the genre and entertain more casual Sci-Fi lovers. Comprised of three different types of trivia, the book will be a perfect “party” game as questions will have people guessing, acting as their favorite characters and drawing Sci-Fi’s biggest superstars. From Star Wars to Battlestar Galactica, Captain Kirk to Buck Rogers, the book will have something for everyone who loves sci-fi.

“Attack of the Sci-Fi Trivia” can be ordered through Barnes &

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