Braga apologises to Trek fans for his negligence


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    “I lived and breathed this stuff for my entire adult life,” Braga told TrekWeb. “I wouldn’t have stayed with it so long if I weren’t incredibly passionate about it.” He said that he still reads internet fan boards where Star Trek is discussed, though his focus these days is on Threshold, his CBS series that has received favourable reviews but ratings that leave its future uncertain. “A lot of [the criticism] I take to heart, I’ve always listened to what they have to say, as painful as it is.”

I don’t know about you guys, but this is starting to wrench by heart. Can’t we just forgive him already? :D

    “Braga noted that on UPN, Threshold’s ratings would have been a cause for celebration, but on the network that carries CSI, they are not impressive. He thinks that the series will do better at 10 p.m. than it did at 9 p.m., being “a dark scary show”, and not following Ghost Whisperer, whose demographics skew more toward female viewers. “Ghost Whisperer, which has its scary moments, is a hopeful uplifting show, and then you turn to Threshold where heads are exploding and the world’s going to end,” he noted. “Tuesdays at 10 is a better timeslot for us.” He hopes that viewers will follow the show to its new time, where he claims to have a spectacular cliffhanger in store if the show runs for the full season.”

Ah, wait. No. That would be the reason, wouldn’t it? Don’t butcher Threshold with Zero-Hour-style endings, please. Time will tell, of course. Roll on a full season.

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