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Doctor Who: Series 4: Turn Left


dr-who-series4-promo-catherine-tate-donna In-brief: Catherine Tate’s finest hour?


Before I analyse, let me say this: that was absolutely spectacular.

I have to say that first simply because for the last 20 minutes I was absolutely riveted by the action on screen and I found myself near the point of crying out at the tv for Noble Donna to do what needed to be done.

So, review.

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Doctor Who: Series 4: Midnight


s4_10_wal_13In-brief: Disorientating, but not in a bad way…


This episode is a very strange one because I do believe I liked it, and it told some interesting concepts is a very tight manner.

We begin on the leisure planet of ‘Midnight.’ It’s an isolated location because the planet is found in orbit of an extonic star which emits a radiation type that prevents any form of life as we know it from existing outside of sheltered habitat. Also, there’s no kind of atmosphere so that prevents the whole breathing process quite handily.

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Doctor Who: Series 4: The Unicorn and the Wasp


David Tennant

In-brief: Brilliant!

In-depth: And we’re back on form again! Quite simply, this episode was firing on all cylinders from the onset. I don’t know if it’s the period setting, the writers’ strength, the familiarity with the central historical figure, or just damn good comic timing, but this episode is another example of how I’ll be able to quite happily just watch one episode after another of this series when it is released on DVD.

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