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Doctor Who: Easter Special 2009: Planet of the Dead


image In brief: Fun!


One down.

Three more to go.

Let’s get serious people!

To elaborate – this is it folks. Strap yourselves in for this adventure because it’s fun, tongue in cheek and a fast, furious ride. If you’ve read any interviews you’ll know that this is probably what RTD might call his last chance for a ‘light hearted’ romp in the Whoniverse. If you can call strangers on a London bus being dragged halfway across the universe by a wormhole and then being hunted down by an alien swarm ‘light hearted’.

But this episode doesn’t really dwell on the scary moments for longer than, well, a few moments. It’s about crashing through…

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Doctor Who Special Casting Rumours


Since they’re from The Sun, take these with a pinch lorry-load of salt. According to the British tabloid, casting for the 2009 specials includes Catherine Tate, John Simm, Bernard Cribbins and Paul McGann. On September 8 it wrote that insiders […]

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Doctor Who: Series 4: Journey’s End



This review comes in two parts, due to length and detail and brilliance.

In-brief: Big. Though something lingers…


Let me say this first of all – this episode is good.

After four years, this  is where we are now. This is how Russell T. Davies chooses to end his tenure as the producer of Doctor Who. It’s an epic plot, tying together all of the strands from his previous forays into this universe, and indeed those who have come before him. There’s a certain amount of glee here in the concept of the Doctor, and perhaps that is the problem. As much as I wanted to love this episode, I have to say, it simply wasn’t as spectacular as I wanted it to be.

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