For better or for worse…


The author pages have been updated. Click on the author name beneath the article, or go to our staff page and click on our names to see more detailed profiles. We should really do something more constructive than look at […]

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Live 8


Ah, right. Chris asked me to write something, so, here it goes… As many of you know, Live 8 was a set of concerts played around the world to raise awareness and try and convince the world leaders to cancel […]

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Stargate Atlantis: Season 2: Changes Part 1


I’m sure Rob’s still planning to go ahead with his Atlantis article, so think of this as more of a companion piece.

As you will be aware, if you’ve bothered to check out the ‘Staff’ section, I’m ‘Sci Fi Heaven’s Resident Stargate Expert.



So, Stargate: Atlantis Season 2 is on it’s way in. And guess what? I’m looking forward to it. But, I’m not going to spoil much, I’m just going to tackle this in broad brush strokes.

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Fathom Surfaces


NBC’s upcoming science fiction show Fathom has been renamed Surface. Apparently the latest in a series of “Lost” rip-offs, the show is supposed to deal with some form of weird creature appearing all over the planet. The transparency of the […]

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So when I see you next…


Well, I’ve just watched the Sky One Enterprise Season Finale Promo. UPN take heed – this is how you make a trailer! Lots of emotion conveyed against a fantastic soundtrack (Half Light – Athlete). It even shows all of the […]

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Hmm. Apparently I’m supposed to use this to make entries on stuff… something to do with not actually being a very effective member of staff and blah blah blah… I disagree though. Afterall, the tagline was my idea. We’re geeks. […]

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