“Night Watch”


Night Watch
From Russia, with horror, comes the stylish horror fantasy film that has revolutionized post-Soviet cinema: NIGHT WATCH (NOCHNOI DOZOR). The film brings to the fore the cutting-edge vision of director/writer Timur Bekmambetov (whom Russian director Nikita Mikhalkov called “our Tarantino”) and is the first instalment of a trilogy based on the best-selling Russian sci-fi novels of Sergei Lukyanenko (which also include Day Watch and Dusk Watch). Featuring a dazzling mix of state-of-the-art visual effects, adrenaline-fuelled action sequences and nail-biting terror, NIGHT WATCH (NOCHNOI DOZOR) was an instant smash hit in its native Russia when it was released in July 2004 shattering all previous box office records. Made for a mere $4 million, the film surpassed both LORD OF THE RINGS: THE RETURN OF THE KING and SPIDER-MAN 2 at the Russian box office. In a country that had not seen a native film make more than $2 million, NIGHT WATCH (NOCHNOI DOZOR) went on to gross eight times that number. Internationally acclaimed, it was also Russia’s contender for the 2004 foreign language Oscar®.

Set in contemporary Moscow, NIGHT WATCH (NOCHNOI DOZOR) uncovers the other-world battle that upholds a 1000-year-old truce between the forces of Light and the forces of Darkness. For centuries, the undercover members of the Night Watch have policed the world’s Dark Ones –the vampires, witches, shape-shifters and sorcerers that wage treachery in the night — while the Dark Ones have a Day Watch that in turn polices the forces of Light. The fate of humanity rests in this delicate balance between good and evil but that fate is in jeopardy …

Ancient prophecy foretells that one day a “Great One” will arrive who can end the apocalyptic battle between Light and Dark conclusively. That time has arrived in Moscow – but which side will the Great One choose?

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Serenity one of the best 250 movies ever made


Serenity has reached the top 250 movies of all time at the International Movie Database, almost a month before it is even released.

The movie has had almost a hundred screenings over the world so far, with the world premiere taking place last week in Edinburgh.

Written and directed by cult legend Joss Whedon, the movie tells the story of Captain Malcolm Reynolds (Nathan Fillion) and his rag-tag crew of scoundrels and honourable thieves. Set six months after the TV show on which it was based (Firefly) ended, the movie revolves around River Tam (Summer Glau) and the evil Alliance attempting to get her back.

The movie has received almost universal critical acclaim so far, and getting into the IMDB’s top 250 before release is an amazing achievement.

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Interesting TrekToday news bullets

  • SuperHeroHype.com has a report by a fan who met Patrick Stewart (Picard) on the X-Men 3 set.
  • There are photos of Jolene Blalock (T’Pol) at the G-Phoria Videogame Awards at Just Jolene Blalock.

  • SF Gate has a story on a pub tribute to James Doohan (Scotty). Thanks to Soul of Star Trek.

  • Obituaries and memorial fund information for Brock Peters (Joseph Sisko-Admiral Cartwright), Herta Ware (Yvette Picard) and Loulie Jean Norman (theme singer) are available at StarTrek.com.

  • TV Squad has a review of Marina Sirtis (Troi)’s appearance on “The Closer.”

  • Sev Trek has posted the finalists of the latest Troi cartoon caption contest.

  • Totally Kate! has a new article on Kate Mulgrew (Janeway) and Tea at Five in Pasadena.

  • John Rhys-Davies (da Vinci), Tommy Lister (Klaang) and James Callis (Baltar) star in the soon to be released epic two-part movie One Night With the King. Thanks to TrekWeb.

  • Gateworld names Andrew J. Robinson (Garak) as part of a fantasy cast for a Stargate fan series.

  • Gregg Henry from Star Trek: Insurrection will appear in the movie The Hunt for the BTK Killer shooting in Canada, according to The Futon Critic.

  • The UFP has learned that the fourth season of Star Trek: Enterprise will launch on Channel 4 in the UK on September 18th.

  • Mac Video Pro cites the trailer for Star Trek: Nemesis as “a good example of a contemporary action trailer.”

  • TrekPulse has DVD caps from the first seven episodes of the original Star Trek series.

  • The Star Trek CCG official site has posted an overview of the Star Trek 1st Edition X-List.

  • Washington, DC mayor Anthony Williams uses Star Trek phrases in his blog, reports USA Today.

  • Star Trek-style surgical instruments are becoming the norm, claims Australian IT News.

  • The San Bernardino County Sun introduces Brannon Braga‘s Threshold‘s supporting cast.

  • Broadway World reports on The Unholy Secrets of the Theremin, a tale of sex, spies, and sci-fi soundtracks which features references to Star Trek and its musical instruments.

  • An interview with author David Mack about the new book series Star Trek: Vanguard is available at Sci Fi Pulse.

  • TrekWeb has a review of S.C.E.: Breakdowns.

  • Excerpts from a new interview with Ron Moore about Battlestar Galactica are at The Great Link.

  • Austrek: The Star Trek Fan Club of Melbourne, Australia will be hosting a Klingon wedding.

  • The Arkansas Democrat
    reports that Google is slowly taking over Microsoft’s well-established
    nickname of “The Borg” for its ever-expanding business endeavours.
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    K-9 returns to Doctor Who


    Robot dog K9 will be reunited with Doctor Who in the new series after 24 years apart, say the show’s producers.

    K9, who helped Tom Baker’s Time Lord between 1977 and 1981, will join new Doctor David Tennant for one episode.

    The show, to be screened on BBC One next spring, sees the team investigate sinister events at a modern-day school.

    It will co-star Buffy the Vampire Slayer actor Anthony Head and Elisabeth Sladen, who is returning as 1970s Doctor’s assistant Sarah Jane Smith.

    K9 and Sarah Jane will join the Doctor and his current sidekicks, Rose and Mickey, in a fight against the evil Krillitanes.

    Producer Phil Collinson said it was “great” to be welcoming back K9.

    “A whole generation fondly remember him as an ever faithful companion and best friend to Tom Baker’s Doctor,” he said.

    “I hope the new generation of viewers will fall in love with him in the same way.”

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    Google launches GoogleTalk


    When will it end? Google are rolling out an endless line of different (albeit high quality) products. GMail, GoogleEarth, GoogleDesktop and now GoogleTalk… there seems to be no end in sight.

    When coupled with the fact that Google apparently want to enable the entire city of Los Angeles for WiFi (yes, the entire city), one could almost be forgiven for thinking some kind of world-takeover was in progress.

    Today though, Google is set to take on online voice and instant messaging service like MSN, Ventrillo and Skype. They have just released a free piece of software in BETA called GoogleTalk which lets GMail account holders talk to each other via a PC, microphone and speakers.

    Anyone interested? Of course you are. The advantage is its a lot, lot cleaner than MSN Messenger (although MSN does some more clever things). The interface here is delightfully simple and clean.


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    R.I.P. Brock Peters


    It is with great and heartfelt sadness that I must report the death of Brock Peters at age 78.

    Best known to Star Trek fans as Joseph Sisko on Deep Space Nine, Peters touched the hearts of many fans with his talented and wonderful acting.

    A wonderful man with an extensive career. Please take a moment to reflect on the achievements he made during his career over at IMDB

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    REVIEW: Serenity (Major Spoilers)


    Without a doubt the most anticipated movie of the autumn, “Serenity” is the sci-fi epic from Buffy creator Joss Whedon. A spin-off of the brilliant, if somewhat short-lived series “Firefly” that was cancelled prematurely, Serenity is a low-budget movie designed to bring some closure to the series, and also to bring the possibility of a greater re-birth in some form.

    After 44,000 people struggled to get tickets for the World Premiere at the Edinburgh International Film Festival, the movie started attracting plenty of media attention, culminating for the moment in the Premiere last night… Sci-Fi Heaven.net was there in the first audience ever to see the movie.

    Here’s how it is.

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    David Nykl answers your questions


    “Zelenka and McKay have a complex relationship based on the character foibles of each of them. Neither one of them wants to let on that there’s more than just professional competition between them. As always, character is revealed in circumstane. “

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    Update: Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire Trailer 2.0


    A little something that cropped up the other day. Much better quality, both sound and picture.

    Plus, no announcer.

    Love the music. It’s kind of generic, but man, it gets your heart pumping.

    Love some of the look…

    But will this film eclipse Prisoner of Azkaban as my favourite of the three?

    Trailer gives me hope.

    Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire Trailer 2.0

    Right click and save as I do believe. I don’t particularly want to steal their bandwidth. And I’m sure as soon as Chris is at a computer, he’ll do some extremely clever and technical to make it more fair. Or something.

    Thanks to Mugglenet for the grab.

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