Michael Shanks and Chris Judge

We spoke to Michael Shanks and Christopher Judge about their roles in Stargate SG-1.

Do you think your characters have changed your own personalities? – Roberdin

    CJ: If anything I think Teal’c has made me realize the how strange some of the expressions in the English language are. I’ve got my rather unique way with words in the show and I’ll sometime pick up on the contradictions which makes me chuckle a bit.

Due to RDA’s reduced filming schedule, have you enjoyed the increased use of your respective characters? – Gateway

    It’s actually been a bit strange without Rick on set. He still has a lot of input into though. Although we’re on camera more at times, we now spend less time shooting. It used to take us much longer to shoot an episode. Now we’re old pros.

You’ve both written and directed for Stargate. Can we expect more in the future? – Chris

    MS: Not a lot of shows will let the lunatics run the asylum. I’ve managed to write my first episode at the end of the seventh season and directed in season 4. Hopefully there will be some other new challenges to keep us learning and keep us growing.

    CJ: I’ve written 2 complete episodes and a story. I’m also writing another episode this year. In a perfect world I’d see my career going more towards the writing and production end of it. I don’t know how much more I can give to acting.

What enticed you to appear in the Stargate Atlantis spin-off? – Gateway

    MS: As far as I know, the only involvement I’ll have with it is in the pilot. Myself and Rick are there to sort of pass the torch on to this new group of people, and they carry on. Of course, they’ll find a way to do that if it becomes necessary, but for the first two acts of the pilot we’ll be there and after that, who knows.

    It should be very easy to dive into it though. I can’t imagine, as it’s Stargate oriented that it will be too difficult for me to wrap my head around ““ as long as I’m playing myself.

When do you that Teal’c’s charater really began to hit his stride? – Gateway

    CJ: Teal’c has continued to grow over the years. I now have more and more input into how he should be portrayed on screen which is a reflection of my own personality. So I think he has grown with me as well as with the show.
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