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No new Trek progress


Speaking to Trek fans in the STAR TREK MAGAZINE, Star Trek franchise-runner Rick Berman said “There’s nothing new to tell you right now. There is absolutely nothing new. We’ve talked about where things were at our last couple of interviews, and those things haven’t changed. You’ll be the first to know when there’s anything new to discuss.”

He went on to say, “We’re done with ENTERPRISE, and the film is still in the infant stages. The only things I’ve contributed to are the Star Trek DVDs. I did a commentary for the STAR TREK NEMESIS DVD. I’ve done commentaries for the ENTERPRISE DVDs. But that’s really it.”

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Caption Contest 23


Greetings all.

The results can be found in our forums.

And, if you’ll care to take a gander at the Caption Contest page, you’ll notice a new one is readily available for your comedy expertise!

Let’s let those girlish tendencies out lads! Or in the case of Craig, reel them back in.

You know. Whatever.

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Sci-Fi to reinstate full Stargate credits


In a somewhat bizarre twist to the Stargate-intro story, Sci-Fi Channel announced that the full-length intro sequence would indeed return to broadcasts in the second half of SG-1’s ninth season, and the second half of Atlantis’s second.

The intros of both shows were cut to a mere 10-seconds at in July to allow for more advertising space. Canada had been airing the show with the full credits anyway, but now it seems these will also be shown in the US.

Why the change? Who knows, it doesn’t seem to make an awful lot of sense really. Perhaps Sci-Fi couldn’t get enough advertisements to fill the slots, but that doesn’t really seem feasible if the demand was so great that they cut the sequence to ten seconds in the first place.

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R.I.P. Brock Peters


It is with great and heartfelt sadness that I must report the death of Brock Peters at age 78.

Best known to Star Trek fans as Joseph Sisko on Deep Space Nine, Peters touched the hearts of many fans with his talented and wonderful acting.

A wonderful man with an extensive career. Please take a moment to reflect on the achievements he made during his career over at IMDB

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REVIEW: Serenity (Major Spoilers)


Without a doubt the most anticipated movie of the autumn, “Serenity” is the sci-fi epic from Buffy creator Joss Whedon. A spin-off of the brilliant, if somewhat short-lived series “Firefly” that was cancelled prematurely, Serenity is a low-budget movie designed to bring some closure to the series, and also to bring the possibility of a greater re-birth in some form.

After 44,000 people struggled to get tickets for the World Premiere at the Edinburgh International Film Festival, the movie started attracting plenty of media attention, culminating for the moment in the Premiere last night… Sci-Fi was there in the first audience ever to see the movie.

Here’s how it is.

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New Harry Potter: Goblet of Fire Trailer


A very low quality copy of the new (rumoured to be international) Harry Potter movie trailer has surfaced online. If you’re willing to put up with the low quality audio and video, then we have mirrored the file here.

Goblet of Fire Movie Trailer 2 [LOW QUALITY]

We’ll get a high-quality copy up as soon as we can, but as of yet there isn’t one in existance.

From what we can tell (since its not unlike to standing in the night, looking through a dirty window and into an unlit room, while a heavy hurricane tears past), the movie appears to be quite impressive, adopting a more epic scale than its predecessors.

Roll on November.

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Ask David Nykl! (Zelenka)

David Nykl

We’re giving you the chance to have your questions put straight to David Nykl (Dr. Radek Zelenka, Stargate Atlantis).

How to enter? Simple. Just post your question in a comment. Click on “Read More…” to do so.. The six best questions will get put straight to David Nykl.

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