Are you looking to purchase advertising space online?  Sci-Fi Heaven offers high rates of exposure for low costs: perfect to suit your advertising needs.

The site currently averages well over 5,000 page impressions a day.  That means with just one advertising slot, you get somewhere in the region of 200,000 advertising views a month.

A six month slot would mean you buy 1.2+ million impressions of an advertisement.*

We have four advertising locations available:

1. Header (468×60)
2. Homepage (468×60)
3. Sidebar (300×250)
4. Post (468×60 in individual or all posts)
5. Text Link Ads (ads to your site placed within posts)

All of these are available in threesix or twelve month slots.  During this time, you will have unrivalled advertising in this position.  No other ads will appear in our purchased location (unless of course you are buying an ad on only one post, in which case it will not appear in the same position elsewhere)

Sci-Fi Heaven prides itself on quality content and a good, accessible layout.  We like ads to be at least partially relevant (nothing obscene!) to our content, and help to boost our overall experience rather than take away from it.

If you’re interested in buying advertising space on Sci-Fi Heaven, please contact us at our staff address!

* Applies to site-wide content only.

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