Best Sci-Fi Movie Cosplays


Today I end my look at the world of cosplay with some pictures featuring homages to the great and the good of science fiction movies.

Whatever your personal thoughts on Prometheus (cough, cough plot holes), the art design was fantastic, and it is a film that deserves to be cosplayed because of that. This Engineer is really excellent, perfectly recreating the super-muscled look of this race of alien creators – and he needs to be given kudos for choosing a costume that must have been freezing!

This recreation of Marcus Wright from Terminator Salvation is brilliant; good make-up like this is hard to do but this looks exceptionally realistic.

Ultraviolet is definitely a marmite film – you either really love it or hate it. It does make for a genuinely kickass cosplay though!

Another character brought to life by Milla Jovovich; Leeloo from The Fifth Element is an iconic character design and destined to become one of those sci-fi characters.  This is a great version of Leeloo and those convenient thermal bandages.

The uniqueness and difficultly of a particular design makes it a key choice for some cosplayers. Take the costumes from Tron and Tron Legacy; the combination of leather and lights looks impossible to achieve at home. These two have perfectly captured the look of Tron Legacy with simplicity, substituting the lights with light coloured leather on their jumpsuits, recreating the look of the grid in the real world.

Sucker Punch is a film that’s inspired thousands of female cosplayers; you get a cool outfit and get to act particularly kickass. Few, however, have won awards for their costumes. The photographer for this shot (link, as ever, with the picture) won awards and features in magazines for her work – well deserved features, as this shot is amazing.

Hopefully, from this series you’ve learnt that cosplay is fun, quirky and knows no rules – why not swap things around? Be a female Wolverine, be a male Lara Croft! Above all, have fun and enjoy yourself – and remember that we are all Mrs Nesbit at heart.

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