We’re Looking For New Writers


Fancy yourself a bit of a Sci-Fi Guru?  Do you spend your life on Reddit, finding new and intriguing bits of sci-fi news and gossip?

Maybe you just like science?  Perhaps you’re just a dab hand at gadgets and gizmos.

Whatever your poison, we’re interested.  We’re looking to expand and take on some new freelance writers.  The position is – at present – unpaid, although if enough content gets put online, and our revenue increases by enough, then this may well be revised.

Most importantly, you’d be joining a small, quirky and very pleasant team who love to chat and discuss sci-fi.  If you’ve got a spare few hours in the day that you want to fill, it’s ideal.  It also doesn’t look too bad on the CV (not a joke!)

If you’re interested, drop us an e-mail at staff@scifiheaven.net to discuss further.

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