10 Sci-Fi Movie Remakes That May Not Be Awful


Another nice piece of content from i09, this time titled ’10 Upcoming Science Fiction and Fantasy Movie Remakes (and Why They May Not Suck)’

It’s nicely thought out etc., but think about it.  Do we really need another Starship Troopers?  Another Highlander?  Hell, even Superman?  (Godzilla I can just about live with, since we could still do with a good version of that…)

But are we that devoid of creativity that we can’t create original new heroes and plots.

Alas, Hollywood.  Grab an old idea, pump money into making it modern and provocative, hope to make your money back again quickly with little risk.

It’s like banking, but with far less risk.

Which is nice, because our economies won’t all collapse.  We’ll just all be bored to death instead.

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