Using RFID to Produce Your Own Poker Show


While Chris Moneymaker received a lot of credit for the modern poker boom, the reality is that without the invention of the hole card cam, the World Series of Poker that year would not have been half as interesting. Technology has advanced a long way since 2003 and now players can create their own poker show using RFID techology.

RFID stands for Radio Frequency Identification and is a way to transfer data from an object via the use of either an attached or embedded microchip. This data is then fed to a receiver that processes the data. Now, this technology has been adapted for use in the game of poker.

The way it works is two fold. First, poker cards as well as poker chips have microchips installed that can then send data to a receiver. Some organizations such as the World Poker Tour already use microchips in their poker chips in order to automatically track how many chips a player has.

Next, a poker table is setup with multiple receivers that tracks both the player’s chip count and also their hole cards. On the table there are also “fold receivers” that count a players hand as folded once it is ran across the sensor.

Bringing this all together, poker players can now buy their own “do it yourself” kit to run their poker games. Some No Deposit Rewards on gambling sites are including this in their prizes. The way it works is you buy the kit that includes the poker table that is setup with the receivers and also includes both the chips and the cards with the microchips embedded.

A single wire is run from the table to the receiving device that also controls a set of webcams setup around the table. With this setup, players can now turn their home poker games into their own poker show. They can then choose to either stream it live online or record it for Youtube.

In the past, a poker show needed a host of technicians as well as cameramen, and editors to include graphics for the program. Now with DIY RFID kids, poker players can setup their own streaming poker games for the world to enjoy.

You can watch the product demo on Youtube:

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