The League and Doc Savage


Is it possible when The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen was created, that they had Doc Savage in mind? Let’s look at the characters selected as they appeared in the movie.

Allan Quartermain is a man who enjoys solitude even among a roomful of people. (Sound familiar?) He is a born leader; a man of adventure and the outdoors.

Although Doc is often mired in the “concrete jungle,” he often goes swinging or climbing into action. He was a spider man without the radio-active bite!

The Invisible Man relies on the bending of light to vanish. This is a field that Long Tom would know much about.

Perhaps the Invisible Man also acts out Long Tom’s fantasy when he pinches Nina Harker? Perhaps Long Tom doesn’t dislike women as much as it’s implied?

Nina Harker and Pat Savage are both strong, determined women. They both know how to handle various weapons. While Nina can put the actual bit on someone, Pat tries to stick to Doc like a vampire on its victim. (Smile.)

Dorian Gray and Ham Brooks are both vain about their garments and appearances. Both are expert swordsmen. A sword fight between the two would likely end in a draw.

Dr. Jeckel / Mr. Hyde would undoubtedly meet his match against Monk Mayfair. Both being chemists, both having vast strength, would be equals.

Captain Nemo had helped design and create his submarine as well as other machinery. Renny Renwick has been known to help create various devices as well as design buildings.

Last, but not least, Tom Sawyer. He is a scrapper, loves the outdoors, and is game to make new discoveries. Johnny Littlejohn fits that description as well. Plus Johnny is eager to pick up helpful tips from Doc, as Sawyer is from Quartermain.

So what do you think? Of course I realize Dorian Gray was a villain in the movie, and that wouldn’t be the case with Ham. Otherwise there are lots of parallels.

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