The Geek’s Wedding Guide


I’ve recently started planning my wedding to a fellow sci-fi/fantasy geek, whom I’ve shared the past seven wonderful years with (Happy Anniversary, sweetie!). We certainly intend on making certain elements of the blessed event geek-tastic, but it got me thinking: how far do some die hard fans take it? I decided to investigate.


Geeky Wedding Ceremonies:

The possibilities are virtually endless. Typing “geeky weddings” into Google image search brought up thousands of terrific results from the special days of geeks around the world. From a lightsaber salute honoring the bride and groom, to “I do”s by your nearest ordained Klingon, themed wedding ceremonies seemed to be a classic sci-fi staple for geeky couples.

The most interesting example I found was a hardcore Star Wars wedding. The groom was fully dedicated to being Admiral Ackbar, complete with mask, the couple was married by Slave Leia, and most of the wedding party were dressed in some kind of far, far away galaxy garb. And check out that epically cool cake!


Geeky Wedding Cakes:

The sugary, delicious confection that takes center stage at most weddings can now be designed to the strictest of specifications. Most brides still go with the traditional ivory tiered cake, but the bells and whistles are just a bit fancier. Geeks have a whole new range to think about when it comes to designing their wedding cake. Maybe a diorama of the original Enterprise, or the One Up mushrooms from Mario. There are plenty of ideas to be had, as well as a variety of action figure cake toppers.

I personally like this Stargate cake topper. I just don’t see enough of those.


Geeky Wedding Rings:

It’s now possible to display your eternal geeky love on your sacred fingers with themed wedding sets from websites like In my search, I came across rings featuring USB ports, binary, and my favorite, elvish. The beautiful Metal Couture engagement ring designs remind me of the scrawling script on the “One Ring”. Which is now available on many rings for purchase for that special day. I happen to find elvish very pleasing to the eye, and since it’s actually a real language, you can inscribe whatever loving phrase your heart desires.


Anyone else getting married soon? Are you keeping the geek in your nuptials? I wonder how many Avatar themed weddings will pop up this year”¦ lets just hope the blue body paint doesn’t get out of hand.

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