Zombieland writers to pen GI Joe 2 & Deadpool


Stephen Sommers’ adaptation of the old GI Joe cartoon series GI Joe: Rise of the Cobra may not have been a cinematic masterpiece, but enough people seem to have enjoyed it to convince Paramount that it has franchise potential.  Sequel time!

It’s being reported around the interwebs (primarily at Collider) that GI Joe 2 now has a writer, or rather a pair of them: Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick, the team who were responsible for penning last year’s zom-com success Zombieland. While not perfect, Zombieland certainly succeeded in its aim to amuse and entertain, which I imagine fits perfectly with Stephen Sommers’ views for the sequel.

The writing team are likely to be fairly busy as they’re also working on the script to Deadpool, Marvel’s upcoming movie adaptation of the adventures of popular anti-hero (or psychopath, depending on how you look at him) Deadpool, starring Ryan Reynolds.  Judging from Zombieland’s quirky humour, I can see their style being very welcome indeed.

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