Wolverine 2 Eyes 2011 Shoot


In terms of franchises which interested me at the beginning, but now seem utterly tedious, the X-Men film franchise is one of them.

Quite why they think Wolverine 2 needs to be made is beyond me.

Nonetheless, Hugh Jackman has announced (well, sort of) in an interview at the People’s Choice 2010 awards that he expects filming to begin in a "Wolverine’s going to be back. He’s going to Japan. We shoot that probably in a year, year-and-a-half, something like that."

He sounds as enthusiastic about the whole film idea as I do.

So, with a 2011 shoot in mind, we can probably expect to see the film hitting the screens sometime in 2012. 

Personally, I think I’ll see Star Trek 2 (or is it 12?!) instead.

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