The State of the Apple Tablet and iPhone Rumour/Rumor Mill


From reading the latest rumours (or, for those American readers out there: rumors) regarding Apple’s latest handheld offerings, I am starting to think that the big publishers are starting to grasp at straws in order to get something new and interesting for the Apple geeks on the interwebs to read and get excited about.

The New York Times has seemingly started picking out random ex-employees of Apple to discuss with them any information that they have on such devices. Here is a tidbit from the article…

Another former Apple designer said a team at the company had “spent the past couple of years working on a multitouch version of iWork,

Now don’t get me wrong I am sure it could be an accurate rumour but I am starting to think they are clutching at straws, just like another fine example here from business insider:

* It’s “pretty” — obviously.
* “The UI has a good bit of new sexy to it.”
* “It’s a big iPhone, but it’s not just a big iPhone.”

Pretty much as vague as vague comes, these guys don’t even give to much information on who the source is other than an industry insider who has seen the OS. I think if said industry insider actually said this, Apple’s SS may come a knocking.

So for what it is worth here is the latest rumour coming from “industry sources”.

The Apple tablet has everything you ever wanted it to have. It will do anything you tell it to (yes even make the tea), and it’s sexy as hell! Oh and the 4th generation iPhone will do all this… and more…

I wonder how long it will take before some of the big guns print this off?

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