Stewie’s Face found in the Stars


It may be nothing more than a blatant piece of publicity, but UK scientist Mark Garlick has identified the face of Family Guy’s favourite baby Stewie Griffin in the skies above.

Dr Mark Garlik has named the new constellation Stewius Griffinus.

Dr Mark Garlik states: “˜He (Stewius Griffinus) is made up of stars from several neighbouring constellations, including Ursa Major (the Big Dog), Camelopardalis (the Camel) and Draco (the Dragon).’

Stewie’s constellation (Stewius Griffinus) is best viewed earlier on in the evening whilst looking north, where he will appear to be rotated on his side. Dr Mark Garlik added; “The brightest stars in Stewie’s constellation are Alioth and Mizar, which are in the handle of the Plough. They form part of the top of his head. His nose and mouth are made up from stars that belong to Ursa Minor (the Small Dog).”The key to seeing the constellation is by looking for the brightest stars in the arrangement and then the rest of the Stewius Griffinus takes its natural form.

The discovery of the Family Guy character came after 2 months of research by Dr Mark Garlik, who was commissioned by Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment to celebrate the DVD & Blu-ray release of the Star Wars: Empire Strikes Back parody; Family Guy Something, Something, Something, Darkside, on December 28.

Convenient, eh?

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