Real Estate Look: Middle Earth


At one point, we’ve all been totally immersed in that far off place of geeky wonder. It’s a world described in the pages of our favorite book, or brought to life so vividly with cinema magic. Tolkien gave us such a place with his beloved book series Lord of the Rings and its descriptive Middle Earth. Who can deny a longing to live among the elves of Rivendell, or eat second breakfast with the Hobbits of the Shire? Peter Jackson’s movie adaptation made the dream a little more tangible, but what if it were possible to actually live in Middle Earth? There are certainly good reasons to look at its land as prime real estate: the plentiful fields of Hobbiton, the beautiful Misty Mountains, and the exciting Mines of Moria. If you are looking for your dream home then contact Mission real estate to help you!

Here are some things to keep in mind before settling down in Middle Earth.

The Eye of Sauron is a Peeping Tom

Yep, the big bad. The head hancho. The big eye in the sky. All that Sauron left behind sits atop Mordor, surveying the goings-on of Middle Earth. As a potential resident, you should be aware that Sauron gets a little bored with his immediate surroundings. Can you blame him? I wouldn’t want to stare at a bunch of sweaty Orcs all day, either. So don’t be surprised if he shows up in your bathroom mirror or the water in your kitchen sink. He’s just curious.

Height Rules in the Shire
It’s well established by now that Hobbits are a bit vertically challenged. If you go visit the Shire, you may stick out like a sore thumb…or a giant. And giants are way more powerful than a bunch of little guys. Even if they banded together, they’re pretty much only at knee level: perfect for kicking or smacking on top the head if they get out of hand. No one is condoning the enslavement of the peaceful Hobbits, but a hostile height take over might just be the kind of buyers incentive you’re looking for.

Gollum is your Bi-Polar Neighbor
Whenever you move to a new neighborhood, there’s always a part of you that’s worried about who’s living there already. Middle Earth has a variety of kindly folks. The Baggins have a long family history; the Elves have been around, well, forever, and you might want to avoid the Urak-Hai all together. If luck would have that you move in next to a balding guy in a loincloth, then things might get a little unpredictable. Gollum, or Smeagol depending on the day, talks a lot about losing something precious. He gurgles a lot, too. He may come over to offer you some freshly caught fish and get to chatting, but you’ll notice that most of the conversation is with himself. In fact, you might feel like he’s plotting to kill you most of the time. Word to the wise: don’t wear any gold jewelry around him, or things might get ugly.

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