Lost Season 5 – Dharma Initiative Orientation Kit


I guess I haven’t been keeping as up-to-date with the world of Lost as I once thought. A friend pointed me to this box set for season 5 of Lost over at amazon.

This looks to be one epic collection for any Lost fan out there, this special edition includes:

# 5-Disc DVD Collection
# VHS Orientation Video for New Recruits
# Limited Edition Collectible embroidered DHARMA Patches – MAY Include The Exclusive Submarine Patch
# Orientation Guides to the Compound, Motor Pool, Security and Cafeteria
# Exclusive CD of Geronimo Jackson’s “Dharma Lady”
# 7 Lost on location
# A Day with Josh Holloway
# Los Angeles crew tribute with Michael Emerson
# 100th episode
# Time Frame and Continuity
# Bloopers
# Deleted Scenes

It may be worth an investment for those of you who adore the whole Lost experience and back-story to the island that the show hints at but rarely includes.

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