Ghostbusters 3 – A Happy Reunion


By now I am sure you are all aware that we will be getting the third installment in the Ghostbusters franchise. From the majority of the talk surrounding this project this is gearing up to be a sequel rather than a reboot of the original concept, thankfully, as there is nothing more I hate than a horrible attempt at a reboot (Son of The Mask, Dumb and Dumberer or Ace Ventura: Pet Detective Jr.). The original director and producer of the original films Ivan Reitman was stopped last night on the National Board of Review red carpet in New York City by MTV’s Josh Horowitz.

The video can be found here at

Josh asked Ivan if he would be returning to direct the movie and he answered, “Yes” and with “hopes to start shooting this next year” we could see some amazing films coming out the year we are all supposed to perish.

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