Get Your Geek Out! (Staff Wanted)


Ever wanted to make your big break in the blog-o-sphere?  Do you know the difference between a Dilithium Chamber and an EPS conduit?  Do you know what a GNDN pipe is?  Do you have an Elfish catchphrase?

Why risk being ostracised from your real-life social community when you can join the writers here at Sci-Fi Heaven.  We’ve got big plans for our future, but our big plans mean quality content.  The more of us work together, the easier it’ll be to turn our already oft-frequented website into a sci-fi colossus. 

We’re looking for:

1x Stargate Reviewer

1x Movie Reviewer

1x Sci-Fi Rumour Correspondent

A few general writers.

Ideally, we’d look for an article every couple of days, and if it hits off we’ll be recruiting more very soon.  It is a voluntary position, but if you have a passion for blogging then why not give it a try!?

Just drop us a line at this address.

Good luck, and we look forward to hearing from you!

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