Caprica Open Mic


With the air date of January 22nd fast approaching for the Caprica TV show, the advertising gurus are starting to throw a bit more attention to the social networking side of things for publicity. Today marked the opening of a Facebook application called Caprica Open Mic.

Apparently the idea behind this is a simple one:

1) Download the Caprica Open Mic app on Facebook.
2) Every week you’ll be prompted in your newsfeed to respond back to a new question posed by someone from Syfy or Caprica.
3) You’ll then be prompted to click the “Record from Webcam” button to activate your computer’s internal webcam so that you can record a short video response back to us. Click “Upload a Video” if you prefer to upload a video you’ve shot from a camera and loaded onto your computer.
4) Your newsfeed will alert you to view our highlight reel of the best videos submitted. If you didn’t make the highlights, then try again on next week’s question.

This week the lovely Alessandra Torresani asks you:

“Tell me who your favourite badass lady robot character is and why?”

I could take pretty well estimated guess and tell you whom I think the most popular choices will be this week, Tricia Helfer as Number 6 or Summer Glau as Cameron, what are your thoughts on the subject?

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