Back to the Future on Blu-ray This Year


So 2010 marks the 25th Anniversary of Back To The Future and what better way to mark the anniversary than releasing the trilogy on Blu-Ray. I know a lot of fans have been chanting at the bit for the film to be released onto the high definition format, but it looks like the wait is over.

A Spanish DVD site released the following image just after Christmas of 2009 claiming it to be the official sell sheet from none other than Universial Studio’s;

When I first saw this image I squeed slightly with excitment, as many of you do not know that the Back To The Future Trilogy is my all time favourite set of movies, so with the excitment building I found another website called digitalbits who must also share my enthusiasm for Back To The Future has already dug around and found the sell sheet to be fake… crap… but don’t lose all hope with that revelation because they also report;

The reason it was thought to be authentic is that it was based on an authentic sellsheet for the recent DVD re-release, so the formatting was authentic. Regardless, we’re made to believe that the title IS currently planned for Blu-ray Disc release later in 2010 – another factor that added to the confusion.

So my fellow Doc Brown fans, buckle up those seat belts and prepare to go Back To The Future in high definition later this year.

“Roads? Where we are going we don’t need roads”

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