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seans_studioIf your PC looks like this, you’re probably qualified.

Sci-Fi is recruiting!  In this time of economic recession, every penny counts!  Well, for those of you who can’t count, this is the perfect job: we can’t pay you a penny.


Sci-Fi Heaven is looking for volunteers to come aboard its writing team and broaden our spectrum.  It is a voluntary position, so please only come aboard if you’re interested in the following:

  1. writing sci-fi news reports and articles
  2. seen the latest sci-fi/fantasy movie?  we want your opinions!
  3. giving your opinion on the latest happenings
  4. getting your name out there online, as we provide you a platform to get your voice heard by a large audience
  5. come onto a team of welcoming ““ albeit quirky ““ individuals
  6. willing to write 1 or 2 articles a week of about 1,000 words.
  7. can write fluently with considered style
  8. a sense of humour helps!

We’re not strict ““ it’s not our way.  However, we are looking to expand our scope, so if you know a lot about something we don’t really discuss and feel a particular grievance towards us for it, then please consider dropping us a line at

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