Star Trek: Alternate Realities DVD


41DzZtqF6SL._SS500_With the vast number of releases sweeping through the genre at the minute, this DVD could easily forgiving for slipping out under the radar.

This has been out in the United States for some time, but since I’m from the UK, I’m operating on its release schedule.  Complaints will go straight to the e-shredder.

The latest in the Star Trek Fan Collective DVD releases ““ released yesterday, in fact – is this set features episodes from all five live-action Trek series, and I have to be honest, it’s a pretty nice set.

The episodes are grouped into four categories:

Mirror Universe includes six instalments  from The Original Series, Deep Space Nine and Enterprise, all off-shoots of the original ‘Mirror, Mirror” episode.

Parallel Dimensions contains two episodes, one from TOS and one from The Next Generation.

Twisted Realities contains four episodes from TOS, TNG, and Voyager;

Alternate Lives is the largest category with eight episodes.

Being a fan of the quirky mirror reality episodes myself, this set’s quite a winner.  Highlights include Yesterday’s Enterprise, Mirror, Mirror and In A Mirror, Darkly.  The DS9 mirror universe episodes are also fan favourites, but never really appealed to me.  Parallels is a decent outing as well, a rather out-of sync clip of which is included at the bottom. The Visitor is probably my favourite outing in the set, though.  Standout performance from Tony Todd, who’s had some success in 24 this year.

It’s not a complete set of the Alternate Realities episodes, but it’s a more than adequate sample with some goods hours of Star Trek.  Notably, the Original Series episodes included are remastered with the new effects etc., so they’re always worth a peek.

Verdict: A solid set.  Not outstanding, but certainly one of the stronger outings.

Click here for full list of episodes.

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