Sci-Fi Heaven now available on iPhone


IMG_0005Does the word gorgeous really sum this up?  Not really.

It’s far beyond that.

Sci-Fi is now tapping into the mobile market, and will display in the tremendously streamlined and handsome interface shown to your right when accessed on an iPhone.

You don’t need to download anything to your iPhone (or iPod Touch) ““ everything is done serverside.

We recognise the iPhone as an incredibly versatile piece of equipment, and it’s one IMG_0004that’s used by millions of users worldwide.

We also recognise that there’s nothing more frustrating than using one of these highly useful, very sexy pieces of equipment, and a webpage being too graphical or designed at too high a resolution.  The result?  You can’t read the content.

This will change all that.  The site will now be as simple as can be, without sacrificing the core blog content, and making it quickly accessible at your fingertips. 

Do enjoy, and tell your Apple-loving friends and colleagues!

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