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After a long wait with several rumours of a return in the form of a movie, ten years on and we – the Red Dwarf fans – finally have our comeback special. Yay!

Red Dwarf: Back to Earth is set nine years after the events at the end of Series VIII, with a surprisingly intact ship and Rimmer still wearing that shiny JMC uniform with pride.

After watching all three episodes of Back to Earth I must say that on a whole the special was fantastic, I loved the storyline… but only after it had all been pieced together. I had my doubts about the entire thing after the second episode, and I even started to worry for the future of Red Dwarf. Yet I, along with so many other fans, stuck with it and watched the final episode. I for one am glad I did. At times it felt so much like classic Red Dwarf and I am looking forward to what the team have in store for us in the future.

One thing I would like to point out that disappointed me with the show was the choice to air it in three different episodes. It was off-putting, especially after my thoughts on the second episode and I believe that the special would have recieved a greater reaction had it all been shown as one episode. You really do have to wait till the story line is all pieced together before you realise that Red Dwarf is, in fact, back.

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