Month: April 2009

George Takei Interview


On 14th April 2009, Sci-Fi spoke exclusively with George Takei on the subject of the new DVD releases for the Original Series.

George was a pleasure to chat to, and Sci-Fi Heaven thanks him for his time. In the interview, he discusses many aspects of the original show, including his desire to be made Captain, Star Trek’s endearing and timeless message, and his other acting experiences.

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Battle For Terra


Got a little heads-up on this through the grapevine, it’s a movie called Battle For Terra coming out on 1st May. It’s an entirely CGI movie with a rather impressive list of voice actors including Brian Cox, Luke Wilson, David […]

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Doctor Who: Easter Special 2009: Planet of the Dead


image In brief: Fun!


One down.

Three more to go.

Let’s get serious people!

To elaborate – this is it folks. Strap yourselves in for this adventure because it’s fun, tongue in cheek and a fast, furious ride. If you’ve read any interviews you’ll know that this is probably what RTD might call his last chance for a ‘light hearted’ romp in the Whoniverse. If you can call strangers on a London bus being dragged halfway across the universe by a wormhole and then being hunted down by an alien swarm ‘light hearted’.

But this episode doesn’t really dwell on the scary moments for longer than, well, a few moments. It’s about crashing through…

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