Joss Whedon discusses Dollhouse survival


imageMy hero and Dollhouse creator Joss Whedon has shed some light over the future of the show.

Talking to Sci-Fi Wire, he said:

They haven’t said anything about a number, and they haven’t said anything about a date. What they have said is “We get it. We get that the numbers are soft, but it’s not a Nielsen world. The DVR numbers are good, and the show’s getting better, and the demographic is good, and we all have a crush on [star and producer] Eliza [Dushku].” So they’re basically fans.

Obviously, there has to be a number we reach that is viable for them economically, or it would be senseless for them, unless they were insane fans like me. But they get it. They get the show, and they get what works. So they’re anxious for it to stay at a level where they can justify throwing down some more. Hopefully that’ll happen.

FOX certainly seem to be showing some support for this project, so it is perhaps unfair to call  it Firefly 2.0 just yet.  Having said that, FOX can only show real support through an actual renewal.  Which would be welcome.

With the supposedly imminent demise of Terminator, and its replacement with Prison Break, FOX executives are hoping that the latter’s audience will give Dollhouse a much-needed boost.  However, Joss and the team are realistic about the creative and demographic differences between Dollhouse and Prison Break.

No. I mean, Terminator did very poorly. I don’t know why. I love it. That’s why I’m not on that side of the fence, because I’m not a marketer. I don’t know how these things work. It started strong, and it fell off for some reason. I liked it as a lead-in because, artistically, they were just a nice match. They both had a similar sensibility, and I think Terminator was a really interesting show that really plumbed the depths of its premise really well. So I was happy to be with it.

But the fact is it was doing poorly, and we were doing better, but not great. I think, ultimately, nobody blames us. We did build on Terminator and usually on our own half hours most nights. It’s anyone’s guess at this point.

Don’t get us wrong, things are still very, very iffy in the world of popularly-maligned Whedon shows.  Let us all hope that Dollhouse somehow breaks the curse.

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