George Takei Interview


On 14th April 2009, Sci-Fi spoke exclusively with George Takei on the subject of the new DVD releases for the Original Series.

George was a pleasure to chat to, and Sci-Fi Heaven thanks him for his time.  In the interview, he discusses many aspects of the original show, including his desire to be made Captain, Star Trek’s endearing and timeless message, and his other acting experiences.

Speaking on the subject of the revamped effects, the actor behind Sulu remarked that while he was a preservationalist, he was very much impressed by what modern technology can achieve.

“I’m just dazzled by some of these advances where we can see the Enterprise literally floating in space and the planets and stars twinkling have dimension to them, and the sound has dimensions to it.”

He also revealed his favourite moment from the movies ““ a special scene in Star Trek VI which had special meaning.

“And at that critical point, when the Captain of the Enterprise, our hero, Captain Kirk, is about to get blown to smithereens by the captain of the Klingons played by Christopher Plummer, out of that darkened galaxy sky comes Captain Sulu and the Excelsior, blasting the Klingons apart and saving the life of Captain Kirk.  So I really subtitled that movie Captain Sulu to the Rescue.”

The interview can be heard and read in its entirety here.

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