Donnie Darko Sequel in the works


S._DarkoThis cannot be good.

No, seriously.

Heading straight for the Wikipedia summary for this, I was greeted with the following:

S. Darko takes place in the summer of 1995, seven years after the original film. It follows Donnie Darko’s younger sister,Samantha, who – in the wake of his death – has found herself at age 17 with a broken family, mired in feelings of insignificance.  She and her best friend Corey set off on a road trip to Hollywood in a bid to ‘make it big’, but their journey is cut short when their car breaks down unexpectedly, leaving them stranded in a small desert town. When a meteorite happens to crash-land nearby-

Hold on, what?

“When a meteorite happens to crash-land nearby”…

Under no circumstances can that sentence seem like a good idea to a quality scriptwriter.

Why mess this franchise up?  I mean, it doesn’t need to be touched.  The last movie was great.  Maybe it’ll be okay, if it’s directed by the same guy.

Oh wait.

It’s not.  It’s by Chris Fisher, the guy behind Rampage: The Hillside Strangler Murders.  If that’s not a sign of a quality movie, I don’t know what is.

Titled S. Darko, this needless movie gets released in July.  Here’s to hoping I’m forced to eat my words when this turns out to be a cinematic masterpiece; I fear, however, that I’ll rather eat my own elbow than watch it.

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