Atlantis Finale Far From ‘Well Crafted’


SGA501_0520_333x500Stargate actor Robert Picardo recently announced that the Stargate Atlantis finale – ‘Enemy at the Gate ‘ was a “well crafted” piece of television.

It’s not.

“Enemy at the Gate” is by no means Atlantis’ worst hour – not even close.  In fact, by the second half of Season Four’s mediocre standards, its outstanding.

However, that’s scarcely enough to merit calling it “well crafted”. 

The pacing is fast – too fast.  What the viewed sees resembles a two-hour story chopped down and squeezed tightly into forty-two minutes of television.  The plot devices used are typical of an increasingly unimaginative Writers’ Room, and the absence of any extended resolution which would surely have propelled this episode into a higher stratum of quality is strongly felt.

The plot had potential, don’t get me wrong, and it does indeed tie up some ends (unlike SG-1’s ‘Unending’), but it is not a great finale.  It’s barely a good one.  It’s a decent episode, and that’s all.

One must hope that the laissez-faire habits of the Atlantis creative teams are not carried on to Stargate Universe, or else the once vibrant franchise may dim to a faint ember.  Perhaps that metaphor is a cliché, yet it seems strangely apt for a show that revels in repeating its own weaknesses week in, week out.

Robert Picardo, you’ve done some fine television.  How did you conceive this to be ‘well crafted’?

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