David Tennant’s Own Journey’s End


Chris got here before I did… so in that regard I’m not going to offer much in the way of news… but more some immediate thoughts on the announcement.

Perfect Ten will be sincerely missed.

I think the last series proved how completely David Tennant encapsulated his version of the Doctor. How thoroughly he understood what the role was.

And frankly, for myself, how much of a sheer joy he was to behold. His enthusiasm was nothing short of infectious.

If Tennant was a drug on the market, I’d be on it.

I completely understand why he wants to move on and I believe him when he says that, if he let himself, he would stay on for as long as he could. But it simply isn’t what he wants or needs as either an actor or a person. Television is a time consuming product and there are simply too many stories out there to tell in so many different ways. I’m thankful he’s stuck in there as long as he has and even then… he still can’t quite let go can he?

It isn’t the end. As the man himself quite clearly states, that series won’t come to air until 2010. We still have Perfect Ten for what I’m sure will be four specials that will thrill us all.

You can hear about more on this from the link below where David discusses indepth his thoughts and feelings now that the cat is out of the bag. And if you hold on long enough, those last 50 seconds will give you another taster on exactly how the Christmas special,The Next Doctor, will be going down…

Official Doctor Who Site Video

And if nothing else, even though we all know for sure what is coming, once again, I still find myself hanging on tight for the whole ride… almost as though I’m caught in one rickety TARDIS that doesn’t quite know where it’s going to end up… and promises only bumps along the way as we always, and forever, run…

Yours in time,


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