Doctor Who Special Casting Rumours


_43066769_mcganndr_bbc203bSince they’re from The Sun, take these with a pinch lorry-load of salt.

According to the British tabloid, casting for the 2009 specials includes Catherine Tate, John Simm, Bernard Cribbins and Paul McGann.

On September 8 it wrote that insiders had revealed that Tate, Simm and Cribbins would make returns. “Fans will be delighted to see Catherine back. She was one of the wackiest companions of all time and she brought heaps of humour.

And The Sun reported today that one of the specials would be a “flashback” tale that would feature the return of Paul McGann to the role of the Doctor, which he played on screen only once, in 1996.

“Fans loved Paul’s Doctor and feel he was never given the proper chance to shine. Reference is often made to the Time War which wiped out the Time Lords and this will give them a taste of that,” The Sun’s source revealed.

According to the story, flashback scenes will see him battered from the Time War and shorn of the long hair he had in the 1996 TV film.

Thanks to GallifreyOne for the information, and you can read the story in more detail there.

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