Battlestar: "No Further Delay"


In a week of U-turns and surprise shock announcements (see Kevin Keegan’s ‘departure’ from Newcastle United as a prime example), there had been murmurings that Battlestar Galactica’s remaining and final episodes would be pushed back another six months.

NUP_111711_0818Thankfully, today, these claims were denied by Sci-Fi Channel, who confirmed that “It is still slated to return January 2009.”

Supposedly the rumour began after fansites picked up on a comment made by Aaron Douglas at a Dragon*Con convention, and began to circulate strongly online.

Thankfully, and hopefully just like Keegan, the schedule will remain on target because, quite frankly, a twelve month delay would be ludicrous.  A year’s delay because of a Writer’s Strike that lasted just a few months?  Puh-lease.

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