"Caprica" Trailer Released


0000035134_20061021060320 SCIFI.COM have just posted the first official trailer for Battlestar Galactica prequel, ‘Caprica’.

So far, it looks pretty much as promised; set sometime between modern life and Galactica, dealing with the Adama family and the creation of the first Cylon-esque hybrid.

It’ll certainly be far more moral drama than action science fiction; at least that’s what the trailer would suggest.

But nonetheless, it’s promising.  It’ll be tremendously exciting to see what the Battlestar writing team can achieve in this kind of setting.

Apparently, doubts remain at the network over whether Caprica will be a one-off television movie or a full series.  I guess this is genre-bending, in a way, and so they might be hesitant.  Hopefully, however, they’ll throw their weight behind it soon, as so far promotional steps have seemed a little hesitant, despite the trailer declaring the show to be Sci-Fi Channel’s “next hit.”

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