Torchwood Season 3: a… mini-series!?


“Tired of all the rumors surrounding Torchwood’s future, went directly to the rift, er, Cardiff, Wales, to learn if the truth was out there.

Well, ‘Woodies (or Torchies, if you prefer), scripts for Season 3 are currently being developed and filming should start in the middle of August for airing on BBC1 in the spring of 2009. Best news of all, John Barrowman will return as the dashing bi-sexual adventurer. Though keeping more details close to the vest, executive producer Julie Gardner vows that fans “will be pleased with the casting.” That better mean Eve Myles is returning!

Fans, however, may not be so happy with the mere five hours slated for next season. “We’ve decided to do a five-part mini-series, one big story that will run during one week,” says Gardner, adding, “I wanted to make a really big noise about the show.”


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