Month: June 2008

Battlestar Galactica – Revelations – Review (Spoiler-Filled)


NUP_111711_0818 Here it is, true believers, the spoiler-filled rundown of the mid-season cliffhanger of Battlestar Galactica’s final season. I write this at the price of my own soul, as Ronald Moore (RDM) himself swore us all to secrecy, making us raise our right hands and repeat after him, “I promise to keep all the secrets I see tonight.” Technically, I did not promise. Still, I will surely go to hell for this, for many reasons too numerous to recount here. Personally, I think you should turn away now. You’ll enjoy the episode much more if you don’t read this. But since I promised I would relay the details, I must fulfill my mission. If you simply cannot turn away, read on. You have been warned and admonished. So without further ado…

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Sins of a Solar Empire Review + Competition


Sins_Cover_UK_FinalI’ll say right from the off, strategy games aren’t usually my thing.  Sure, I’ve played many, and some were even pretty good (Dungeon Keeper 2, although it’s not really hardcore).  Generally, pass me good first person shooter or a football/cricket game and I’ll be hooked for days.  So I found myself wondering why, after I loaded up Sins of a Solar Empire and played my first game, I had lost three hours of my life.

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