Massive Fire Sweeps Through Universal Studios Hollywood


2008-06-01-fire_USH A large fire today burned through the famous Universal Studios Hollywood buildings in Los Angeles, California.

The blaze, which was currently being tackled by over 250 firefighters with helicopter support, burned through soundstages and sets, including areas used for King Kong and the War of the Worlds.

A video fault was also affected, rumoured to contain thousands of master copies for other movies.  However, it has been said that nothing “cannot be replaced” from the contents of the vault, and backups are stored elsewhere.

Portions of the historic sets and stages have been completely destroyed, and three firefighters have reported minor injuries.

James Barnes of LA County Fire Department told the BBC,

“There’s some Hollywood history going up in smoke today and we’re doing our best to minimalise the damage.”

The BBC have a video of the fire attached to their story.

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